Coaching Services at Planting Seeds

What is coaching and how does it differ from counseling?  While the services are similar, the structure of the sessions is quite different.  Counseling tends to be  focused on examining the past, looking for solutions to emotional concerns and healing from a wide variety of wounds such as a trauma, divorce, loss, etc.  A counselor must be licensed in the state of Texas and operate under the ethical code provided by the Board of Professional Examiners.  Coaching provides a distinct service that assists clients in working on their goals for the future and creating a new life path.  A coach will aid a client in  progressing towards his/her goals (personal, professional, relational, financial,  health related, stage of life) through a positive, collaborative process structured for maximizing their potential.  A coaching client will learn a new thought process which will allow him/her to make more mindful decisions about each daily action he/she chooses.  Coaching services at Planting Seeds will be offered only by coaches who are credentialed through and governed by the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

Depending on what objectives you seek from coaching you can expect :

*   Assistance with setting goals and progress towards achieving them.

*   Assistance in finding your path in life.

*   Opportunity to discern your passion and how to utilize it.

*   Learn how to live in the moment.

*   Increased motivation to live up to your full potential.

*   Opportunity to acquire more effective leadership skills.

*   Gain new tools which will increase problem solving abilities.

*   Learn how to face the future with strength and optimism.

Your initial session creates the basis for the future.  You will answer some basic questions and determine where coaching can best benefit your life.  We can utilize a variety of assessment tools depending on your objectives to help you evaluate life, spiritual awareness, career, family, finances, fun and enjoyment, health and aging, leadership, personal development and relationships.  Our coaching plan for optimum results recommends one session each week for a 12 week period.  After your initial session it is your decision to choose the package you feel best meets your schedule and objectives.  Are you ready to live consciously and find joy and self fulfillment in your life?  If you have additional questions or are ready to schedule your initial session, email

Additional coaching options include Lunch and Learn sessions where you bring coaching into your environment and empower your staff/community as they learn to increase their awareness and energy to discover and move towards their ideal image.  Sessions last 45-60 minutes.  Topics might include:

  • Understand your SOM (Standard Operating Mode):  How to be present and increase your productivity and happiness regardless of the task.
  • Energy Leadership: Creating an awareness around iPEC’s 7 levels of energy and where you “show” up in life and relationships that might be inhibiting you as a leader.
  • Your Success Formula: What works for you to create the success you are looking for in life and in relationships.
  • Disciplines for Success:  This is a lunch and learn series of 10 sessions introducing iPEC’s 10 COR.E Disciplines of high potential and performance.