Counseling Services

At Planting Seeds Counseling and Coaching in Frisco, Texas we offer the following Counseling Services:

  • Play therapy
    A developmentally-appropriate approach for young children utilizing their language of play
  • Family therapy
    Assisting families who struggle to peacefully co-exist
  • Counselor Supervision
  • Couples Counseling and Coaching
    Assisting couples in learning to more effectively communicate, survive a loss or major transition and develop a deeper connection with each other
  • Parent consultation
    Sessions with parents only to address concerns and discuss new tools to better equip them in their daily lives in an effort to strengthen the parent-child relationship
  • Individual adult therapy
    A place to safely process struggles
  • Parent Coaching
  • Professional consultation
    Working with other professionals who are a part of the child’s life
    School consultation
    Observing and/or consulting with staff in the school setting in an effort to assist the child in all environments
  • Psychological/Psychoeducational Assessment
  • Group therapy
    • Caregiver Support – an adult support group for those providing care for loved ones suffering from a terminal or chronic illness.  Please contact Jennifer Bradt at
    • TLC – an 8 week support group for adults wrestling with depression.   This group is wellness focused and encourages Therapeutic Lifestyle Change.  Please contact Jennifer Bradt at
    • Circle of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. – a girls-only small group for young ladies ages 8-14 designed to promote a positive self-image, healthy friendships, conflict resolution and communication, emotional strength and stress management. Groups are forming now and are held on Tuesday evenings.  Please email Courtney Dillon at  to register and to schedule the required 30 minute parent consultation.
  • Gardening Series of workshops/brown bags–2 hours in length
      • Superwoman Syndrome – a workshop for women who are trying to “do it all”.  Please contact Jennifer Bradt at
      • Love Yourself – a workshop for adolescent girls who are healing from depression, anxiety and life changes.
      • Engaged – a workshop for couples who are preparing to tie the knot that want to be proactive in developing healthy communication and conflict resolution tools.
      • Protecting the Gift – workshop for couples wishing to explore a healthier relationship with their sexuality.  Please email Tami at to register or to get additional information.
      • Coaching options include Lunch and Learn sessions where you bring coaching into your environment and empower your staff/community as they learn to increase their awareness and energy to discover and move towards their ideal image.  Sessions last 60 minutes. Contact   Topics include:
        • Understand your SOM (Standard Operating Mode):  How to be present and increase your productivity and happiness regardless of the task.
        • Energy Leadership: Creating an awareness around iPEC’s 7 levels of energy and where you “show” up in life and relationships that might be inhibiting you as a leader.
        • Your Success Formula: What works for you to create the success you are looking for in life and in relationships.
        • Disciplines for Success:  This is a lunch and learn series of 10 sessions introducing iPEC’s 10 COR.E Disciplines of high potential and performance.

Interns sessions are billed at $75/session

Please call us if you have any questions about available Frisco Counseling Services at PSCC.