Assessment Services for Children and Adolescents

At Planting Seeds Christian Counseling, we offer assessment services for children and adolescents. We have on staff a licensed psychologist who is also a licensed specialist in school psychology. Dr. Olson has experience working in schools with children from preschool through high school. Often parents will request an “autism evaluation” or “ADHD evaluation”. However, a comprehensive evaluation is critical to investigate all areas of functioning, including cognitive, developmental, academic, social, and adaptive skills. Psychological and psychoeducational evaluations are conducted to investigate each of these areas to determine how best to help a child or adolescent be successful in school, at home, and in life.


As important as it is to determine why a child or adolescent might be struggling, it is also important to identify strengths in order to build on them. For assessment of children and adolescents to be most useful, recommendations for services both at school, home, and in counseling (if indicated) should be included. If parents wish to pursue eligibility for special services at school, guidance can be provided regarding what to expect and what steps parents might take. Please contact Dr. Olson for additional information.